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Post Snapper Power Rankings – Good Vibes

After the Snapper event, everyone was blown away by the performances put on by Firewire team riders Taj Burrow and Michel Bourez. Heading into Bells, both surfers sit in the top 10 and are poised to have an impact on the title race as the year unfolds. This means I am counting down the days, like a kid before Christmas, until the next event kicks off. Legend Nick Carroll had some big things to say about their performances as well in Surfline’s Power Rankings which prompted a reader to leave an epic comment that warrants a high five if I ever meet its author (see below). Oh yeah, there is some good video of Taj going off as well. Insane!

Can’t wait until the boys hit the water in Victoria for the Rip Curl Pro, but in the meantime, we’re stoked to see that people are taking notice of the boards and their riders. If you own one, get out and have a session. If not, find a demo center and try one.

From Surfline

Team Rider Interview – Custom Board Giveaway (Australia Only)

So the Bells contest is right around the corner and we at Firewire want to stoke someone out. So, this is the deal. Anytime between now and 5pm (QLD) on the 28th of April, all you have to do is to buy a Firewire at any Australia based Firewire dealer. Then, complete your registration form and submit your proof of purchase along with a RIDICULOUSLY CREATIVE and potentially FUNNY question for Taj and/or Michel to

Once all the submissions are in, we here at Firewire will have a sit down to choose the top 10 most clever and entertaining questions. The finalists will be pooled together and our man NEV will interview the boys during the contest using the top 10. After the interview, Taj and Michel will choose their favorite single question and that person will win a Custom Firewire Surfboard to be designed by the winner using our Custom Board Design (CBD) program.

Click on the link below to download a copy of the registration form and the terms & conditions.
FIREWIRE Comp Registration Form

Stock Soldiers – Jesse Heilman

What is your take on Firewire Tech/boards?

“Before I started working with Firewire, I have always shied away from boards made of anything other than the traditional PU construction. It seems that most tech surfboard manufacturers lose sight of performance when trying to increase the longevity of a board, which is a major factor consumers are looking for. As a professional surfer I am all about how well my boards ride, and the beauty of Firewire is that they have developed a technology that increases the life of your boards, while making them faster, lighter, and more responsive!!”

Read the whole interview:

Taj vs. Adriano

Agree with the scores or not, this was the heat of the year. Taj digs deep to pull out some some high 9s on his way to the finals where he fell to the King, Kelly Slater.

Deviant take 2


Almost every Firewire dealer in the US has Deviant demo fins in stock  (Australia, Japan and Europe will have theirs in a few weeks). We’ve been raving about it for almost a year now, and after sending early prototypes to a few forum users, the feedback has been independently verified. Plus if you recall Jesse Heilman won a hotly contested local event in Florida using it. But don’t take our word for it – stop by your local Firewire dealer and try one.

Michel in the pocket

I know he lost yesterday,  but man does he surf tight in the pocket. I know some guys are supposedly going really fast from A to B at the comp, but to my mind, the real test of great surfing is drawing the tightest arcs possible and the speed in connecting those arcs – not the distance traveling down the line in the shortest time possible.

And don’t get me started on Taj’s surfing……..

D- Fin works

Here’s my take on the Deviant fin:
Works like a quad but has the pivot benefits of the rear fin on a thruster. Which is great on your back hand!
What’s you take?

Photos of me are on the DTJ602 with the D-fin.


Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast set for an epic finish

Taj Burrow and Michel Bourez have made it into round three with crisp, on point surfing. It looks like there’s going to be solid surf straight through to the end, so stay tuned as Taj looks to defend his Quik Pro Title. In case you missed it, here are some highlights from the contest thus far.

Video courtesy of The ASP

More footage from Taj’s blog of him BLOWING up in round 1.

Filmed and edited by Riley Blakeway

Are kiteboarders better than surfers?

Seems to me that the kitesurfers are pushing the performance boundaries much further than surfers are. How long before someone on the CT starts wearing straps in World Tour events?

I wonder if any ASP regulations would be an issue?

Tahiti rules

Mike and I just got back from Tahiti – got some great waves. Boards went unreal! I rode a 602 Direct Drive shaped by Dan Mann most of the time and Mike was on a stock Alternator. Surfing powerful waves in boardshorts – its almost a completely different sport to wearing a 4/3 and booties in small waves.

HIF WA Pro Am Series presented by SunSmart & proudly supported by FIREWIRE SURFBOARDS, Otis Eyewear, Future Fins, Brownes Chill, PowerBalance & Surfing WA

Event # 1 of a 3 event state wide open surfing series.

Margaret River WA, Sat 26th & Sun 27th February 2011.

In a new innovation for the HIF Pro Am Series, event sponsor Firewire Surfboards demoed their new range of boards and ran a 25 minute expression session to find the ‘Firewire Freakish Talent’. This was taken out by Jesse Molloy (Geraldton) for two massive no grab air reverses that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

“It’s so sick to have Firewire involved and to have an opportunity to pick up a brand new surfboard even though you’ve been eliminated from the event is the best. Big thanks to HIF, Firewire and Surfing WA for supporting grass roots surfing at its very best.” Said Molloy after picking up a 6’2 FlexFire for his amazing aerial efforts.

Jesse Molloy (Geraldton) was the ‘Firewire Freakish Talent’ winner at the HIF Pro Am Series. Molloy wowed the crowds on the beach with two massive no grab air reverses to claim a brand new Firewire surfboard. PicCredit: Surfing WA / Woolacott.