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Bells – Round 1 Highlights

The day started out great with groomed walls filtering into the Bells bowl and the fat but fast waves looked like they would perfectly suit the styles of both Taj and Michel. In the second heat, TB looked sharp, but fell victim to having 3 guys in the water and not enough waves to properly blow up. He was one maneuver away from taking it home, so in a bittersweet manner, we’ll get to watch him duke it out in round 2.

Michel looked fast, powerful and precise as usual. By the time his heat (#8) hit the water, an unfriendly onshore wind served up a light texture that forced all riders to be a little bit more conservative than they probably wanted to be. Regardless, the Spartan still found some open faces and vertical sections that allowed him to unleash. Highlights below!

Videos courtesy of Rip Curl

Michel welcomes the season’s first solid swell at teahupoo with style

I know it’s bittersweet when the NPAC heads into its summer slumber, but there is a certain excitement when the Southern Ocean chills and southern hemisphere storms roar to life. If sleepy is an appropriate description of the reef at Teahupoo over the last 4 months, then a few surfers definitely played witness to its awakening. It comes as no surprise that local Michel Bourez was there.

Check out the Surfline feature here. (Photo: TIm McKenna)

“Surf And The City” – Taj’s Ours Session courtesy of Australia’s Surfing Life Magazine

“Ten days ago Sydney’s favourite slab, Ours, roared into action just as world number one and two, Kelly Slater and Taj Burrow respectively, hit town. During the Snapper-Bells downtime the pair were cruising the coast, looking for waves and living the general day-to-day that is the pro surfer life. The east coast, as is custom when these two magnets go anywhere, served up an aquatic feast that had the world’s best gorging themselves, and the rest of us scratching our heads.”

Taj and Kelly tackle some meaty ones at Ours. Read full article and see more pictures at Australia’s Surfing Life Magazine’s website.

Taj’s “Summer Fun”

Awesome clip of Taj unleashing on a playful summer wind swell somewhere near his home. Showing why he is the current world #2. Watch it and check out his blog for more goodies.

Video by Elsegood Productions.