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Saturday July 2nd Firewire Demo – Surf Ride Oceanside

Call it patriotism. Call it sharing the wealth. Call it whatever you want. The holidays are here and we have dumped all of our demos on Surf Ride in Oceanside. Stop by the shop and line up a demo for yourself, we will be cranking boards out on a first-come-first-serve basis on Saturday, July 2nd from 10am to 2pm. If you have wanted to try one, now is the time. Get on it!!

Taj at Lowers Blasting a Recent South Swell

By now you have seen the pics and the video of Lowers during the recent run of south swell, but it absolutely went off over the last few days. Taj stopped by for a cameo appearance and went to town then retreated to the desert to work on the new Globe flick. Watch and enjoy!

The Deviant Fin – A Big Man’s Creed

So no matter where you are in the world, if you are a surfer and you have a magical session, you know it. Today, one of our guys (who weighs in at at 225lbs) had one of those sessions and I had front row seats. The waves came to him, his equipment was working and the south swell pumped all session (North San Diego County). I myself am a paltry 170lbs so I normally just agree with him and laugh at his jokes, but something cool definitely came out of this session. It was the discovery of a fin combination that absolutely RIPS for a bigger guy. I can’t ride equipment and tell a bigger surfer what works best from my own experience, I can only base my suggestions on what I know about boards, fins, waves, etc. This, however comes straight from the source and I wanted to share it with the bigger surfer looking to try a new fin set up. Below is a list of the gear being absolutely claimed by a 6’4,” 225 pound surfer.

Shape: Dominator
Tech: Rapidfire
Dims: 6’8″ x 21 3/4″ x 3″
Leading Fins or Sidebites: Futures Solus Fins
Trailing or Center Fin: Firewire Deviant Fin

Little guys don’t despair, the Deviant crushes it for you as well and we’ll get you an insiders perspective on what fins to use it with next.

Cheers and feel free to head to the Firewire Forum to ask any questions or start your own discussion!

Mind Surfing Material Brought to You by Firewire CEO Mark Price

A big birthday, a bit of business and one of the best waves on the planet brings the man to South Africa. Being extra nice, Mark emailed us pictures of the waves before he paddled out in order to ensure that we knew what we were missing. He went on to explain that there were no crowds because the conditions “weren’t perfect.” I guess perfection is in the eye of the beholder…

Firewire Surfboards – Design News

“Firewire Surfboards and partner ShapeLogic leverage NX CAD tools to deliver an online, 3-D customization system that lets customers directly drive board design.”

Firewire’s Custom Board Design platform has attracted widespread attention and acclaim from both people within the surfing industry as well as entities operating outside of our little shell. Here is a really good read posted on Design News that really explores the guts of the service offered by our CBD program and the people behind its creation.

Mavericks Surf Shop – New Central CA Dealer and Demo Center

Firewire is stoked honored to have the support Jeff Clark and the crew at Mavericks Surf Shop. They now have a great inventory and a killer demo set so next time you are around Half Moon Bay be nice and stop in to say hello. Then be selfish and take a demo out, return it and pick out a board that you can take home and give a secret pet name.

Shop Info:
Mavericks Surf Shop Facebook
Mavericks Surf Shop Twitter

Mavericks Surf Shop
151-B Harvard Ave
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Post Rio Power Rankings by Surfline

Gotta love these. Heading into JBay there are two Firewire team riders in the top ten and both are well suited for the long rippable right handed walls of the South African Jewel. Taj enters the event at world number 4 and is right in the mix as a contender. A good result here is going to make this an exciting year. Read the power rankings because they are spot on and a lot of them are funny. Also watch Taj rip here!!

Team Firewire

Photos from Surfline

Updated: Firewire Demo Day with the good folks at Arbor in Venice Beach

Its basically summer so treat yourself to a good time.

We’ll be teaming up with the Arbor folks this Sunday, June 12th for good ol’ demo day. Boards will be at the shop in Venice Beach so stop by, take your pick and paddle out at the Venice Pier for a little session. The event starts at 8:00am and will run until around 12:00pm. Early bird gets the worm! For directions and contact info, get over to Arbor’s homepage!

BBQ will follow from 12-2pm and those who demo a board will be entered into a giveaway.

UK Demo Days – Get into it!

If you are located in the vicinity, make sure you join Myles so you can have the chance put the UK’s demo equipment to good use! That is EXACTLY what I would do and PRECISELY what your boss expects you to do (if you have work on any of the demo days). Check in with the boys at Sorted Surf Shop for timing or swing by Brighton in the morning! YES!

South African Team Rider Dylan MacLeod Wins the First “SALSA” Title

Professional athletes are winning on Firewires all over the world…

“Yet another winner from PE! Dylan MacLeod wins the SA Longboard Surfing Associations (SALSA) title for accumulating the highest points during the SALSA series. We caught up with him to find out what it took to become a winner….(thanks to Tom Collins for the photo’s)”

Check out the interview and full set of photos at