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The Deviant Fin – Go out and Get Yours

As the Deviant Fin gains popularity, we wanted to pass the word on to everyone where they can be purchased. The fins are absolutely insane and really give your board a smooth and fast feeling so do what you can to get your hands on one. Not near any of these folks? Call them. The fin is a piece of cake to ship!! Enjoy!!

Grom Series Pricing Is Here!!!

So here is a bit of good news!!! We are reaching out to everyone to announce that we have introduced a new Grom Series pricing schedule to the market. This is our way of making it easier for our younger customers and supporters to get their hands on the proven Firewire technologies. This is a HUGE DEAL as it dramatically reduces the price of the smallest sizes of select models.

Keep in mind that the reduced base price is subject to regional differences in shipping charges or taxes and the final prices may vary but the models listed below are still a dramatic reduction in previous retail price.

We appreciate the support of everyone and hope a new group of customers see this as a good opportunity to hit the water on a Firewire. Below is a list of the boards that will be offered at the reduced price point by size, model and technology.

The Firewire Crew


With good surf in the forecast, I am not sure it will hold up, but in the early days of the Billabong Pro JBay 2011, Michel Bourez sits atop the men’s professional field with the highest 2 wave total of the contest at 17.07 points out of 20. I have been saying it since last year, but The Spartan is a legit top 10 surfer, and in my opinion, is rapidly becoming a title contender. This video shows power and precision beyond many of his colleagues and the final days of this contest are going to be an absolute treat to watch! Enjoy!

Billanbong Pro at Jbay – Taj Burrow Round 2 Highlights

Taj Burrow blitzes 2 flawless Jbay set waves in his round two heat against the giant killer Sean Holmes. Onward!! Looks like a good forecast for the end of the waiting period and hopefully TB will have the opportunity to unleash. This will be a fun contest to watch as it has major implications on the world title race.

Firewire Surfboards Proudly Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Sterling Spencer

Our relationship with Sterling Spencer has solidified over the course of the previous two years and Firewire is pleased to announce a multiple year deal with the Florida native.

“Sterling’s industry presence has only matured in the time we have been working together” said Marketing Director Chuy Reyna. “Beyond the elite surfing talents that he brings to the table, Spencer also enhances our web-based image and appeals to our community by approaching the sport of surfing in a light hearted and humorous manner.”

“It is really important for us to continue to foster relationships with influential surfers and Sterling brings a unique and valuable skillset to the Firewire family,” said Reyna. He joins the growing Firewire team which includes WCT top 10 surfers Taj Burrow and Michel Bourez, as well as a host of talented regional surfers around the world.

Sterling currently travels the world surfing while gathering photo and video material for use on his personal blog “He has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to generating original media and we are ecstatic that he will be doing it on Firewire for years to come.”

Sterling Spencer Press Release

Alejo Muniz debuts on a Firewire in the Billabong Pro at Jbay

After borrowing one of Michel’s boards in Australia that rode absolutely insane for him, Alejo spent a little time with Nev tweaking the current Flexfire model to suit his preferences. Even though Alejo isn’t a Firewire team rider, Nev, being the board building genius that he is, cranked out a few sleds for him to use on his own accord. After spending a bit of time on the shelf with a back injury, Alejo decided to give them a whirl in South Africa. Check the heat highlights and even though Slater was a no show, I am pretty confident he would have won anyways. Don’t believe me? Good luck proving me wrong. Enjoy the video!

The Deviant Fin – A Technical and Practical Look at How it Works

The Deviant fin has been out for a little while now, but we want to take the time to spread a little more awareness so that surfers everywhere understand how the fin works and the benefits it offers.

Designed in collaboration with RADCOR Design Studio, Firewire’s Deviant Fin serves the sole purpose of making surfing more enjoyable for beginners and experts alike. The concept behind what makes the fin work is simple: allow the “cant” of a thruster setup’s center fin to adjust naturally to the pressures it experiences while the user is surfing a wave.

Technically speaking, fin cant refers to the fin’s tilt in relation to the bottom of the board, or, in other words, the degree to which the fin leans away from the centerline of a surfboard. The Deviant Fin has been engineered with the freedom to deflect 7˚ from vertical in either direction for a total range 14˚. By giving the center fin the ability to shift and nearly match the cant of the forward fins of the thruster setup, drag is reduced and responsiveness is elevated. Surfers riding the Deviant Fin experience noticeably higher speeds throughout the duration of their turns, a tighter turning radius and quicker rail-to-rail maneuvering.

The coolest part about riding the Deviant Fin is that it can be used in both Futures and FCS fin boxes and it gives ANY board that can be ridden as a thruster a completely new feel. Designed with a tried and true template similar to the FCS M5 and Futures FEA outlines, the Deviant is highly versatile and its benefits can be applied in a wide range of wave types and sizes. Throughout our testing, we found the benefits of the Deviant Fin to be immediately noticeable, and above all, super fun.

Firewire CEO Mark Price Scores the Trip of a Lifetime in South Africa

Just got back from 2.5 weeks in J-bay celebrating my 50th with Tess and my immediate family and enjoyed 4-8’ surf every day but one. What a ridiculous wave, it just keeps on coming at you forever.

Had a blast and rode a bunch of different FW boards. Rode my DM510 on the smaller days and a Quadraflex 602 when bigger. I took out the DM510 with quad fins and a Deviant in the 5th fin slot on a couple of the double overhead days and it felt unreal – short rail line was great off the top/bottom, and the 5th fin gave it the hold to cope with all that power. Even took my 504 Potato out on a couple 3-4’ days and flew down the line.

Plus it was really cool to share the line up with many of the best surfers down there, many of whom were riding Firewire’s (Deon L, Craig E and Warren D were all ripping). Big props to Cheron, Mike R, Ginsy and the rest of the FW crew for creating such a strong FW presence at one of the best surf spots in the world.

Best surf trip of my life – by a mile!