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Ridiculous Clip: Filipe’s 10 point ride filmed by a fan

Every once in a while someone sits behind the scenes and develops RIDICULOUS talent until he or she reaches the breaking point. Then the flood gates open. Well consider those water retaining devices as good as demolished. Filipe Toledo is rampaging across the 2012 WQS and its only mid March. How is this perfect 10 shot by a cell phone of an adoring fan?

Michel Bourez Awarded With the 2012 Men’s Peer Vote

Every year, prior to the kickoff at Snapper Rocks, a series of awards are given out at the ASP Banquet. There are speeches and awards based on performances and probably a bit of tasty food given out. A little known, but prestigious award is that of the Surfers’ Surfer Award, also know as the Surfers’ Peer Vote. Basically its the boys on tour taking the time to recognize a surfer who stood out on and off his board. This year, that honor was given to Michel. A true sign of respect!

Official Word on Taj Burrow and Firewire from CEO Mark Price

“Firewire has ended our exclusive sponsorship of Taj as he has decided to experiment with both FW and PU surfboards. At his specific request, Firewire will continue to build Taj cutting edge equipment and we are obviously stoked on everything we accomplished together over the past 5 years.

There is no doubt that during that period it is commonly acknowledged that Taj did some of his best surfing ever and certainly posted his best contest results in years, winning a number of WCT events including the Quiksilver Pro, the Billabong J-bay event and the Pipe Masters.

As always, we’ll remain glued to the CT webcasts and we hope that Taj claims that ultimate prize that has eluded him to date. We’re also confident that Firewire surfboards will remain an integral part of his equipment choices as he pursues that quest. While we would have obviously preferred that Taj remained exclusively on our tech, we firmly believe that this is simply the end of the first chapter in the long Firewire story yet to unfold.

Our global market share has never been stronger and there is no doubt that the vast majority of Firewire customers are basing their decisions on the performance of our product. Either through their own ‘demo’ experience, or through the positive word of mouth from their peers. In addition, Michel Bourez is rapidly ascending the ranks of the world’s elite surfers, and if the level of interest in our tech shown by the next generation of surfers is anything to go by, Firewire is destined to secure ongoing podium finishes across all levels of competition.

In fact, the recent World Junior Pro championship at Burleigh showed just how good our boards are when 16-year old Filipe Toledo blew away almost all of the competition to finish 3rd, displaying some of the most incredible surfing seen at any level of competition. A testimony to his enormous talent and our technology.

Furthermore, after converting to Firewire longboards, Taylor Jensen won the 2011 ASP Longboard World Championship, a further testimony to the hi performance characteristics of our boards. In closing, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their ongoing support and we look forward to the road ahead.”


Mark Price