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Deviant take 2


Almost every Firewire dealer in the US has Deviant demo fins in stock  (Australia, Japan and Europe will have theirs in a few weeks). We’ve been raving about it for almost a year now, and after sending early prototypes to a few forum users, the feedback has been independently verified. Plus if you recall Jesse Heilman won a hotly contested local event in Florida using it. But don’t take our word for it – stop by your local Firewire dealer and try one.

Michel in the pocket

I know he lost yesterday,  but man does he surf tight in the pocket. I know some guys are supposedly going really fast from A to B at the comp, but to my mind, the real test of great surfing is drawing the tightest arcs possible and the speed in connecting those arcs – not the distance traveling down the line in the shortest time possible.

And don’t get me started on Taj’s surfing……..

Are kiteboarders better than surfers?

Seems to me that the kitesurfers are pushing the performance boundaries much further than surfers are. How long before someone on the CT starts wearing straps in World Tour events?

I wonder if any ASP regulations would be an issue?

Tahiti rules

Mike and I just got back from Tahiti – got some great waves. Boards went unreal! I rode a 602 Direct Drive shaped by Dan Mann most of the time and Mike was on a stock Alternator. Surfing powerful waves in boardshorts – its almost a completely different sport to wearing a 4/3 and booties in small waves.