Firewire CEO Mark Price Scores the Trip of a Lifetime in South Africa

Just got back from 2.5 weeks in J-bay celebrating my 50th with Tess and my immediate family and enjoyed 4-8’ surf every day but one. What a ridiculous wave, it just keeps on coming at you forever.

Had a blast and rode a bunch of different FW boards. Rode my DM510 on the smaller days and a Quadraflex 602 when bigger. I took out the DM510 with quad fins and a Deviant in the 5th fin slot on a couple of the double overhead days and it felt unreal – short rail line was great off the top/bottom, and the 5th fin gave it the hold to cope with all that power. Even took my 504 Potato out on a couple 3-4’ days and flew down the line.

Plus it was really cool to share the line up with many of the best surfers down there, many of whom were riding Firewire’s (Deon L, Craig E and Warren D were all ripping). Big props to Cheron, Mike R, Ginsy and the rest of the FW crew for creating such a strong FW presence at one of the best surf spots in the world.

Best surf trip of my life – by a mile!