Stokes Me Fundraiser

Hey Firewire Supporters, We are making a push to help raise money for the Stokes Me fundraising contest to benefit the SIMA Humanitarian Fund (info below). Everything we raise will be split equally among 10 non-profits that serve a wealth of purposes focused on improving the quality of life for a broad spectrum of humans. -Read More >

FIREWIRE Launches New Sustainable Surfboards, Verified by Sustainable Surf

  In 2006, Firewire was the first major high-performance surfboard brand to utilize 100% EPS/Epoxy construction. In addition to emitting 50 times less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) versus a traditional polyurethane surfboard, Epoxy/EPS boards are also significantly stronger than poly surfboards and thus have reduced environmental impact because they last longer. Now, Firewire is raising -Read More >

Firewire Partners with TOMO Surfboards

Firewire is proud to announce a design partnership with Australian surfboard designer/professional free surfer Daniel Thomson; the founder of Tomo Surfboards, now residing in the US. Daniel first started shaping boards in his teens, following in the footsteps of his father Mark Thomson, an accomplished board designer in his own right. Not content to work -Read More >

Firewire Trips on LSD

Firewire is proud to announce a design partnership with Australian board designer Luke Short, the founder of Luke Short Designs (LSD). With a design pedigree that includes shaping for Simon Anderson and Channel Islands before setting off on his own under the LSD label, Luke was a natural fit for Firewire. Under his own brand, -Read More >

Sally Fitzgibbons and Firewire Team Up

Firewire is proud to announce the signing of a long-term agreement with Sally Fitzgibbons, in support of her quest to win the Women’s World Tour (WT) title. Sally has proven herself to be a top contender as World #2 for the past 3 years while winning 5 WT events, including the US Open and back-to-back -Read More >

Firewire Launches the White Rapidfire Technology

For Immediate Release July 2012 Firewire Launches the White Rapidfire Technology A product of continued research and development, the White Rapidfire (RF) construction substitutes a PVC-free and VOC-free composite deck skin for the original bamboo inlay characteristic of our initial RF technology. This composite maintains the overall flex and durability of the board giving it -Read More >