Sweet Potato Review From the Daily Stoke

Sweet Potato-itis: a regenerative condition induced when riding a Firewire Sweet Potato Surfboard. Symptoms include: non-stop smiling, uncontrollable amounts of stoke, catching and claiming the smallest of waves, and more fun than you can handle in a single session! Please Note: For smiles that last more than 6 hrs. please consult a physician!!!

Firewire has quickly become an industry leader in surfboard technology, design, and overall popularity. Their winning combination of R&D, craftsmanship, quality, and performance are why more and more people are gravitating towards the brand. Their boards have been test piloted and refined by some of the world’s best and most influential surfers and shapers and they have been proven in almost any conditions; from World Tour events to your own home break, Firewire is making an impact and taking the surf world by storm!

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(Also comes in FST, this was a back end video that flew under the radar! Chuy didn’t tell me about this cameo. Was one of our best sellers in 2011, thanks all who grabbed one!)