Taj Burrow Wins Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa, Bursts out of the Triple Crown Gates

Though the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa started slowly, it ended with a bang as Taj Burrow rose to claim victory in the first jewel of the 2011 Vans Triple Crown. The surf steadily built over the three consecutive days of competition, as did Taj’s momentum. Riding his trusty 5’11 Pro Model, Taj consistently dropped 8’s and 9’s in shifty, unpredictable conditions that doomed many big names early on in the contest. For those keeping track, Taj was on the same magic board that brought him to the finals at the Quiksilver Snapper event.

Photos from Taj Burrow’s Blog.

“I had a good run, it feels good scoring in the 9-point range and it’s hard to do,” said Taj, world #3. “I just really wanted to win an event here. I am really happy.

“It’s funny I have never really gotten a good shot (at the Vans Triple Crown). I was thinking, maybe I should really have a go at one of these things so I actually have it right in the front of my mind.

“I love being in Hawaii. I was saying to a few of my friends it is so good to come to Hawaii and sit and make a base for six weeks. We are getting on a plane every other weekend normally, it’s draining. Coming to Hawaii you just get in a good routine, you unpack your bags and you can kind of relax. We train and eat good food and just the whole routine of it all I feel much better then having to skip town every two weeks.”

The Firewire crew is ecstatic with the result as it’s a massive springboard for Taj’s 2011 Triple Crown championship campaign, a title deeply rooted in the history of our sport. We hope you’ll tune in to watch Taj compete at Sunset and Pipe. Stoked!

Current Triple Crown Ratings
1. Taj Burrow 6500
2. Adam Melling 5200
3. Adriano deSouza 4450
4. Nat Young 4000
5. John Florence 3280
5. Michel Bourez 3280

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Quotes and image courtesy of the ASP.