The Deviant Fin – A Big Man’s Creed

So no matter where you are in the world, if you are a surfer and you have a magical session, you know it. Today, one of our guys (who weighs in at at 225lbs) had one of those sessions and I had front row seats. The waves came to him, his equipment was working and the south swell pumped all session (North San Diego County). I myself am a paltry 170lbs so I normally just agree with him and laugh at his jokes, but something cool definitely came out of this session. It was the discovery of a fin combination that absolutely RIPS for a bigger guy. I can’t ride equipment and tell a bigger surfer what works best from my own experience, I can only base my suggestions on what I know about boards, fins, waves, etc. This, however comes straight from the source and I wanted to share it with the bigger surfer looking to try a new fin set up. Below is a list of the gear being absolutely claimed by a 6’4,” 225 pound surfer.

Shape: Dominator
Tech: Rapidfire
Dims: 6’8″ x 21 3/4″ x 3″
Leading Fins or Sidebites: Futures Solus Fins
Trailing or Center Fin: Firewire Deviant Fin

Little guys don’t despair, the Deviant crushes it for you as well and we’ll get you an insiders perspective on what fins to use it with next.

Cheers and feel free to head to the Firewire Forum to ask any questions or start your own discussion!