The French Battlegrounds Thus Far – The Quik Pro 2011

So far the Quik Pro in France has gone in the favor of both team riders. I have heard the grumblings that Taj was overscored against Travis Logie in Round 3, but the guy has been on the short end of the stick all year. Think back to Adriano’s floater that beat him in Brazil or B-Mart’s repetitive backhand attack at Winkipop that sent him home with a 25th. All I can say is I am stoked to see Taj Burrow through. Hopefully the boys keep laying into the French beachies.

Check the event video highlights here, you won’t be disappointed:
Taj: Round 1, Round 3
Michel: Round 1, Round 3

Round 3 photos from Surfline and the ASP, follow the link for the full story and Michel’s clip.

Photo journal courtesy of Surfline and images from ASP/Cestari.