Bells Interview Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to Chris Brouwer (customer of Onboard Port Noarlunga in SA) and Jon (manager of Onboard Port Noarlunga) who are the winners of our Creative Interview/Bells Beach competition. Both Chris & Jon have each won a FIREWIRE Custom Surfboard!!! From everyone here at Firewire, we would like to say thanks to all those who participated. We clearly have the best group of customers out there.

Below is the winning interview question and the athletes’ answers:
For many, surfing is the ultimate existence. Some say it’s better than sex … With this in mind, describe what is going on in your head when you traverse a new wave. (Posed by: Chris Brouwer, SA)

Taj’s Answer: Picking the right manoeuvres for the right sections. You have to work with the section.

Michel’s Answer: That’s funny, but I’ve heard that comparison more than once. When you are in nature and she gives you something special like the ocean and the waves, you get stoked like all kids do. But when you get a tube with any size, everything changes. It becomes slow motion. A 3-second tube can feel like a minute long tube. Your goal is to just make it out. But I can’t recall thinking about it once I’m in the tube. It just happens so fast but slow and the feeling is amazing! Without waves, you can’t be a surfer.