Firewire Surfboards Volume Calculator


Find Your Optimum Volume

Our Reminder: The VOLUME CALCULATOR is only a guide and should be used in conjunction with the knowledgeable staff at your local Firewire dealer.

Working with, we’ve refined the VOLUME CALCULATOR with the addition of a number of other key variables that will determine the optimum volume range for you to consider before purchasing a surfboard. Fields include surfing ability, age, fitness level and weight.

There are other factors that do come into play, such as the waves you surf and the average water temp where you live. However, we have cross checked the VOLUME CALCULATOR formula against the preferences of a wide range of surfers and found it to produce a remarkably accurate suggestion.

Your Volume: The VOLUME CALCULATOR provides a MIN and MAX suggested volume. The lower volume indicates the MIN flotation for your Hi-Performance Shortboard, while the higher number indicates the optimum volume for a Hybrid or Pure Stoke model. Of course you will need to factor in your individual preferences before making a final selection.

Comparisons: And once you have determined your optimum range, the VOLUME CALCULATOR will pull together all the Firewire boards that fit your range into the COMPARE FUNCTION, enabling you to determine the key numerical differences between them.

Tomo Surfboards: Please note than Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson has unique approach to surfboard design and that his boards are meant to be ridden as short as possible. However, they are still considered high performance surfboards. Dan disguises additional volume down the center of the board in order to keep a high performance rail profile, even though the correct length board for a person who is 80kg/175lbs and around 5’ 11” tall might only be a 5’ 4”.