Firewire Joins Sustainable Surf’s ECOBOARD Project

Firewire has joined The ECOBOARD Project, an important environmental initiative focused on the verification of our surfboards’ eco-credentials by the non-profit Sustainable Surf (SS). SS is dedicated to helping the surfboard industry transition to more eco-friendly materials and business practices, with the ultimate objective of lowering environmental impact, especially on the world’s oceans. We are excited to be at the forefront of the pursuit of the ‘ever-greener’ surfboard.

Recently, Firewire introduced the TIMBERTEK series, which uses 75% less cloth and over 40% less resin than our regular FST and RF technologies. In addition, the TIMBERTEK build uses Entropy “Super Sap” bio-resin throughout, an epoxy resin that substitutes a portion of its chemical composition for organic-based materials. Timbertek will hit retail towards the end of March of 2013.

Furthermore, by mid-2013, Firewire will have converted 100% to Entropy “Super Sap” bio-resin throughout our product range at no additional cost to our customers.

Eco-friendly surfboard materials have improved significantly in recent years and are undoubtedly up to the demands of today’s surfing customer. We can now offer non-yellowing, durable, high-performance boards that just so happen to be better for people, the planet, and the ocean.

In fact, the R&D testing of these greener surfboards over the past couple years have shown there is no difference in terms of surfing performance, durability, or visual quality, even after extensive use. Furthermore, these boards perform so well, they have already attracted endorsement by professional surfers. Plus the toxicity is reduced and VOC levels of these new materials is now effectively zero, which puts a smile on our boardbuilders’ faces.

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