Hey folks,

Chuy here, I’m starting a series of interviews called "Stock Soldiers."

A fast growing group of pro surfers/soldiers have been ripping on our boards and state that our stock boards are working better than the custom PU surfboards that they have been riding.

These interviews will give you an insight on how fast our brand has connected with great surfers from all over the world.

Enjoy and thanks for the support.

Chuy Reyna - Marketing / Sales - Firewire Surfboards



Please tell me your Name, Age, hometown and Occupation:
Alex 'Alfy' Cater. Yallingup, West Oz. 33 going on 18.
How did you discover Firewire?
It’s hard not to see the impact Firewires have had on Taj’s surfing and checking out his quiver got me frothing.
What is your take on Firewire Tech/boards?
With Nev behind the wheel, the whole concept and technology has finally brought the way boards are made out of the dark ages, and changing the way people surf and the way they at look at riding waves. Having the strength in the parabolic rails and not having a stringer in the middle of the board is smart and the flex pattern is up and down not twisting side to side. It seems to be the future for sure.
Can you share a story where you were blown away by your board, like a maneuver, a contest result etc.
The first board I rode which got me hooked just felt like I was riding a slingshot, so much speed and spring and maintaining speed through turns, can’t wait to get these puppies in big slabs.
I’m trying to get people to understand that boards made out of foam can and will break under the right impact; do you have any broken board stories?
I’ve got way too many broken board stories and probably the main reason why I switched to Firewire. Living in West Oz the waves have so much punch and power, you break lots of PU's so it gets expensive to surf.
Are you paid by Firewire surfboards?
Firewire Surfboards