Hey folks,

Chuy here, I’m starting a series of interviews called "Stock Soldiers."

A fast growing group of pro surfers/soldiers have been ripping on our boards and state that our stock boards are working better than the custom PU surfboards that they have been riding.

These interviews will give you an insight on how fast our brand has connected with great surfers from all over the world.

Enjoy and thanks for the support.

Chuy Reyna - Marketing / Sales - Firewire Surfboards

casey grant

Please tell me your Name, Age, hometown and Occupation:
My name is Casey Grant, I am 20 years old and at the moment live in Amanzimtoti, on the South Coast and I surf for an occupation.
How did you discover Firewire?
Taj Burrow definitely inspired me to go out and buy one hey.
What is your take on Firewire Tech/boards?
They are definitely the future in shaping technology and everybody wants a good board that’s going to last a long time, so I think slowly but surely more and more people are going to invest in them. Personally I think they push me and my surfing to the next level and that’s what every competing surfer wants a board to do.
Can you share a story where you were blown away by your board, like a maneuver, a contest result etc.
I have many stories, but the best feeling I had was winning the Billabong junior at my home break riding a Flex Fire that I hadn't ridden in ages and it was still so alive under my feet and pushed my surfing and confidence to win the event. Stoked!
I’m trying to get people to understand that boards made out of foam can and will break under the right impact; do you have any broken board stories?
The ocean is so powerful and most people don't understand how powerful it actually is. I have seen waves destroy roads, walls, cars and even buildings. So I'm pretty sure given the right impact a FireWire and every other surfboard is going to break.
Are you paid by Firewire surfboards?
No, but they have definitely helped my surfing career out hugely.
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