Hey folks,

Chuy here, I’m starting a series of interviews called "Stock Soldiers."

A fast growing group of pro surfers/soldiers have been ripping on our boards and state that our stock boards are working better than the custom PU surfboards that they have been riding.

These interviews will give you an insight on how fast our brand has connected with great surfers from all over the world.

Enjoy and thanks for the support.

Chuy Reyna - Marketing / Sales - Firewire Surfboards


ice pereira-ryan

Please tell me your Name, Age, hometown and Occupation:
Ice Pereira-Ryan, 18yrs old, Coolangatta QLD Australia, Aspiring Professional Surfer.
How did you discover Firewire?
My dad told me about Firewire and the technology a couple of years ago. When my brother and I were growing up we broke alot of boards and dad couldn't afford to keep buying them if they weren't going to last. When they first came out I bought one off a friend and it went really good and lasted for along time and ever since then I have been hooked on them!
What is your take on Firewire Tech/boards?
The technology for firewire is always improving and can only get better and better. My newest board a 6'2 is by far the best board I have ever ridden! It's very responsive, fast, light and never fails me on any section of the wave and in any condition.
I’m trying to get people to understand that boards made out of foam can and will break under the right impact; do you have any broken board stories?
The first Firewire I ever rode was indestructible I had it for over 6 months, riding it every single day! I put that board through hell by surfing in the heaviest waves. The day I broke that board it was only 4ft but really thick lips behind the rock at Snapper and I couldn't make the section in the barrel and ate it. But by far the longest lasting board I've ever had.
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