Hey folks,

Chuy here, I’m starting a series of interviews called "Stock Soldiers."

A fast growing group of pro surfers/soldiers have been ripping on our boards and state that our stock boards are working better than the custom PU surfboards that they have been riding.

These interviews will give you an insight on how fast our brand has connected with great surfers from all over the world.

Enjoy and thanks for the support.

Chuy Reyna - Marketing / Sales - Firewire Surfboards



Please tell me your Name, Age, hometown and Occupation:
My name is Johnny Noris, I'm 23 years old and I'm lucky enough to be from La Jolla, California. I'm an aspiring pro surfer, but for my real job I manage my Dads roller skating rink!
How did you discover Firewire?
I had known about Firewire for years, but when the dominator came out I was in need of a summer board and got one. That board got me having fun on ankle high days and really got me stoked on the technology!
What is your take on Firewire Tech/boards?
I’ve always had problems with my short boards with weight issues and durability. Now I have a board that is super light, responsive, exciting and new, and best of all it lasts for years. The technology is incredible.
Can you Share a story where you where blown away on your board, like a maneuver a contest result or breaking a board.
The time I was most blown away by my boards was probably earlier this year in Hawaii. I didn't know what to expect with the Artillery model guns and to be honest I was a bit scared to see how they worked. I rode the 6'7" and 6'10" at Pipeline every day for two weeks straight and they were by far the best Pipe boards I've ever had! Not only did I get some of the best waves of my life, but the boards lasted the whole trip without breaking which I think is so important to have in a board you're traveling with. Other than that, I am constantly blown away by both the Tomo Vanguard and the Tomo V4. Those things surprise me every time I ride them!
I’m trying to get people to understand that boards made out of foam can and will break under the right impact; do you have any broken board stories?
Simply put, any board will break on some waves. That being said I used to break 25+ PU boards a year and since being on Firewires for over a year, I've only broken 2. They are a 100% stronger board!
Are you paid by Firewire surfboards?
I wish! I'm grateful enough to get a discount. Firewires are worth their weight in Gold!
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