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William Dove

What’s the last thing you thought about?    What I have to do to continue keeping a career in surfing that interests me while also staying true to what I perceive the core of surfing to be, and what I thought it was as a kid.... I Just had a long drive from Lemoore, so I was thinking about the big questions (Laughing).
Where do you live?    Lemoore California. I’ve kept a home in Santa Monica for the past two years while I’ve lived in Lemoore, but about a month ago I lost the lease. Now Homeless in Los Angeles with a nice pad in Lemoore.
If you could leave on any surf trip right now, where would you go?    Either Namibia or Cloudbreak. I’ve never been to either.
When you go on a trip, what do you miss about home?    Just the comfort of a bed. I’m way to cheap on trips to stay in anything other than a hostel.
Favorite Band or Artist?    Anderson Pack - He’s a soulful rap, R and B Entertainer thats got a little bit of anything you’re looking for.
Favorite TV show or Movie or Documentary?    I don’t want to say Game of Thrones so I’ll say The Arrow. Movie? Lord of the Rings. Troy. Anything with sword fighting.
Last person you went surfing with?    Solo. Just me at Venice Beach. Before that it was with my co-workers at Surf Ranch.
What food or drink do you crave after surfing?    A beer! And probably tacos.
If you couldn’t be you, who would you be?    Jon Roseman set up in Fiji, for sure.
Best board currently?    For real deal waves, the Hydroshort. For every other day in Los Angeles, the Seaside. Even at Surf Ranch, the Seaside I’m just stuck on it.
If you could send a text message to the whole world, what would it say?    Think about what other people are going through, use less plastic, think bout what your grand kids are gonna be living in in 80 years. Positive vibes!

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