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Firewire is dedicated to elevating the surfing experience through innovative design, new materials, and advanced construction methods.

In collaboration with surfboard designers like Rob Machado, Dan Mann, and Wingnut, our aim is to maximize stoke in our oceans and minimize waste in our landfills.

Rob Machado

Cruising Cardiff by the Sea, California in the most recognizable van on the coast, Rob Machado is a former World Tour competitor with eleven victories who today has a shaping bay behind his house on a hill overlooking Cardiff Reef.

Much of his design time is dedicated to crafting fast and fun shapes with uncommon ability to hold tight lines in quick turns, like the Seaside, newly released in December 18′.

His most popular shape to date has been the Go Fish – a new twist on an old concept – the traditional twin keel fish outline updated with an entirely new bottom concave he calls Board Eat Board.

Dan Mann

The inventor of the four fin ultra-groveler; the Sweet Potato in 2009 and it’s evolution, the Baked Potato in 2010.

Based on Coronado Island in San Diego California, Dan Mann can surf both goofy and regular foot equally well. He is also a Catalina Classic Paddleboard Champion.

He began paddling at 19 as a way to both cross-train for surfing and understand the ocean better.

His experiences on paddleboards have taught him that water likes what is simple – an approach he now applies to surfboard designs for Michel Bourez, Kelly Slater, Kai Lenny and others, in addition to his groveler designs for Firewire like the Chumlee as well as longboards like the TJ Pro and The Gem, his collaborations with 3X World Longboard Champion Taylor Jensen.

Repurposing Waste

Like all manufacturing processes, the practice of building surfboards creates waste.

In an effort to move closer to our goal of zero landfill in 2020 we have been keeping EPS foam dust out of landfills by turning it into walkable surfaces like you see in the video below.

These paving stones are not yet for sale, as we instead donate them to projects that excite us. But if that ever changes we’ll announce it on our social medai channels. So stay tuned.

For more on Firewire’s interest in both social and environmental sustainability, go here.

We elevate the surfing experience with innovative designs, new materials and advanced construction methods