Firewire Switch Kites
Firewire kiteboards

Four years ago Felix found FireWire and what he believed was the best boards to blend pure surf style and kiting. After joining up with FireWire two years later, Felix and the FireWire team have continued to refine the construction and define models that create the perfect kitesurfing quiver.

There are now five models in the line up to choose from giving any sized rider the opportunity to enjoy the magical feel that these boards offer you.

FireWire's lead shaper Nev Hyman brings nearly 40 years of experience to the brand and is recognized as one of the worlds best shaper's. With two FireWire riders currently ranked in the ASP top 10 surfers in the world, FireWire has turned the traditional surfboard world upside down as these riders validate the vision of what surfboard design can become.

Once you jump on a FireWire kiteboard you will immediately see why Felix has chosen to ride these crafts and why many of today's top surfers have FireWire in their quiver.

Why reinvent the wheel when we already produce the perfect boards to surf and kite waves with.

Take the opportunity to see how well these shapes translate over to riding waves with a kite.

I'm sure you will see just as Felix has that these boards will blow your mind and take your riding to the next level.