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Timbertek Technology


One of the most sustainable surfboard constructions you'll find, made with Paulownia wood.

Made from one of the fastest-growing trees in the world, Paulownia, Timbertek technology is one of the lowest CO2-emitting constructions available - making it your most sustainable surfboard constructions in production today. This species of tree grows up to twenty feet in a single year, and has the nickname, 'The Phoneix Tree,' because when they're cut down, they regenerate incredibly quickly from existing root systems. It's also incredibly durable and nearly impossible to dent, extending the life of your board.

Timbertek Technology


Our most sustainable construction with quick response.

This lamination technology is incredibly durable, and surfs powerfully and steadily. It feels solid and carries momentum down the line.

Timbertek Technology


Our Timbertek lamination schedule is a 3mm Paulownia wood deck skin that wraps a Helium core, capped with a single 4 oz layer of fiberglass cloth on the deck and bottom.

Timbertek Technology

Core Capability

Timbertek lamination is paired with a Helium core with one minor difference. Rather than a 3mm aerospace composite deck skin, it's core has a 3mm veneer paulownia wood deck skin.