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Sci-Fi 2.0

Sale price$965.00 USD

Daniel Thomson's unique bat tail that started the modern craze.






A re-release of the classic Sci-Fi designed by Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson in collaboration with Kelly Slater, newly updated in I-Bolic Technology from Slater Designs.

Tomo says, "the Sci-Fi has been such a popular design and stood the test of time because of its functionality. It's such an easy board to ride. It gives the user an effortless sense of control and performance that you wouldn't get in a traditional shortboard."

Capturing the essence of Daniel's Modern Planing Hull innovations over the prior decade, the Sci-Fi 2.0 can handle and hold in significantly sized waves up to double overhead, but it still grovels with ease of speed in flat faced waves under waist high.

Much of the magic in the Sci-FI 2.0 comes from Daniel's innovative approach to tail design and concave configuration, as the Sci-Fi 2.0 combines his original Double Bat Tail concept and his Quad Inside Single Concave.

The result is a board that controls speed uncommonly well for how wide its tail is, making the Sci-Fi 2.0 in I-Bolic Technology a quiver enhancement to anyone's board rack.

Wave Type

One of Tomo's most popular designs because of its functionality, this board feels effortless in waves from waist high up to double overhead. It still grovels with easy of speed in flat faced waves under waist high, with control and performance you wouldn't get in a traditional shortboard. Recommended in 2-6' surf, skewing towards average to good conditions.

Board Features

A re-release of the classic Sci-Fi featuring Tomo's unmistakable Double Bat Tail concept with his Quad Inside Single Concave bottom for incredible lift and speed. And with an uncommonly wide tail, the Double Bat Tail controls speed beyond expectations.