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Article: Introducing the Velox Fin Set

Introducing the Velox Fin Set

The all-new Velox Fin Set is a rake template, and is the performance baseline for all Firewire Surfboards shapes. It was designed for maximum fun in all models shaped by Rob Machado, Dan Mann, and Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson.

Built for drive down the line and controlled turns, the Velox Fin Set excels in open faces and long lines, in waves knee-high to well-overhead. This template has a beveled edge in the leading foil of the fins, supporting immediate disruption of water flow and an elevated sense of stability in all maneuvers. Generously raked in its outline, the Velox Fin Set makes it forgiving and easy to surf in a wide variety of shapes, whether the Sweet Potato, Dominator 2.0, Mashup, and more.

With a core engineered from high density polymer overlayed with carbon veils, the Velox Fin Set has an unmatched mix of flex and strength enabling controlled spring and rebound in turns, and additional control above other fin building methods. An extremely light set of fins, the Velox template adds minimal weight to all shapes - a performance benefit championed by Kevin Schulz and other Firewire Surfboards' team riders.

Single Tab variants are compatible with Futures' fin system.

Press play below to watch Single Sessions Episode 5: Velox Fin Set Revealed, and learn about our all-new rake template, the Velox Fin Set.

Watch Kevin Schulz surf a stock 5'6" Dominator 2.0 in Helium Technology by Dan Mann with the Velox template as both a quad and thruster at home in San Clemente.